A meaningful purpose

Summer 2019, next to being a head of education at the Hanze university of applied sciences, I finished the master module 'strategy and governance in a wicked world', where I deepened my expertise on the subject of complexity in combination with leadership. Enabling leadership, finding ways to engage people in working on the issues that affect their organisations and themselves. Being adaptive to emergence, chances and the future. But also making sure there is room for change by securing the administrative side. My interest also goes to transition design. A design approach that considers the role of design in making societal transitions towards sustainable futures.

Later that year I participated in a module 'mastering Futures Literacy' on anticipatory systems, making sense of the present and imagining the future. In 2020 I returned to IDE Delft to follow a two days masterclass 'Design for Complexity - Using systems and transition thinking in design'. Then in the summer of 2022 I enjoyed the three day KAOSPILOT 'Designing and facilitating learning spaces' program in Aarhus, Denmark.

Looking at my own future, I would like to further co-create groundbreaking education through collective discovery, working our way towards a meaningful purpose and society. As a designer by creating durable solutions for wicked problems. And as a leader, lead by example, making a difference for others and improve on my capacity to let everyone fly.

wietze huitema

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