About me and not about me

As a master educated Industrial Design Engineer from Delft University that graduated on a future mobile internet service at TNO Telecom, I was skilled in innovationmanagement, design, interaction, marketing and engineering.

When I turned to teaching, I evolved myself in the field of education and later management and leadership. First at the vocational training institute Friese Poort as a teacher, developer and director. Later on, as a programme manager at the Hanze university of applied sciences, I had the privilige to learn and use my leadership skills to support, inspire and lead my team of fourty-six teachers, lecturers, researchers and support. Together we tried to create great and challenging education for eighthundredandseventytwo students in the field of Human Resource Management.

Right now, in the same role at the same university, my team of forty-five lecturers/researchers and I, help sixhundredandfiftythree Communication and Mutimedia Design students to foster creativity and imagination. We support them in their pursuit of becoming designers of user experiences and add value for people through services they love to use.

Empowering, trust, selforganisation and ownership next to analysing skills, inspiration, collective discovery, co-creation and seeing things differently are elements by which I try to add value to the team and their purpose. Leadership, design and learning are the keywords that suit me.

wietze huitema

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